Purchase Powder extinguisher (6kg)


The extinguisher can be picked up in the technical dispatching during the build up period.

One fire extinguishing unit usually corresponds with e.x. ABC extinguisher 6kg or CO2 extinguisher 10 kg. The number of fire extinguishing units is indicated on the extinguisher itself. The fire extinguisher must always be present at least 1 day prior to the start of the event, so that control is possible during the fire tour. 2.2.1. Determining the number of fire extinguishers: Based on the fire risk, the exhibitors themselves should determine how many fire extinguishers (from one extinguisher unit) must be present on the stand. A fire extinguisher is imposed by BRUSSELS EXPO for the following minimum issues: - Suitable fire extinguishers (at least one extinguisher unit) must always be present on stands with a surface area larger than 72 m². The exhibitor may bring along extinguishing devices themselves, hire them from their own suppliers, provided the devices are checked in accordance with the statutory provisions, or at the shop of the De Roeve company on the site (Tel: +32 2/474.85.85). PART 2: ADDITIONAL SAFETY REGULATIONS APPLICABLE FOR THE ORGANISER AS WELL AS FOR THE EXHIBITOR AND STAND BUILDER BRUSSELS EXPO GENERAL SAFETY REGULATIONS – ISPPW – ed.20151001 20 / 49 This version replaces all previous versions. The only version is online. Printouts of previous versions are no longer valid The fire extinguishers must always have a clear indication w.r.t. the last inspection date or the next date. - EVERY Stand with catering or a kitchen where there will be cooking during the event must have a fire extinguisher present in the kitchen. Fire extinguisher always to be provided with: ovens (small / large), cooking hobs or other hot plates, etc. Microwave ovens and coffee makers are excluded from this rule - no fire extinguisher has to be provided for these. - Stands with an upper floor should be provided with an additional fire extinguisher. These should be positioned on the upper floor itself. In most cases stands with an upper floor should thus dispose of at least 2 fire extinguishers. - For specific cases: - Demo-welding, fireworks and also candles: these issues come under the fire permit. At least one additional fire extinguisher must be provided for these. This fire extinguisher must be set up visibly. - Black boxes and tents: A number of fire extinguishers should be positioned in relation to the surface area, in particular: for every 150m² begun, a fire extinguisher must be present. - Fireplaces: These fall under the regulation of fireplaces and chimneys. Also here, the fire extinguisher should be set up visibly. 2.2.2. Other guidelines w.r.t. fire extinguishers Deviations from the amount of extinguisher units may only be permitted based on a specific risk e.g.: for the purpose of control posts (lots of electrical equipment), in order to allow a fire extinguisher of 5 kg CO2 to be positioned instead of one extinguisher unit. However, this is permissible only if there is also a place in the surroundings where a normal powder extinguisher from one extinguisher unit is present. The extinguishers are clearly visibly set up / suspended and must always be freely accessible. For stands where no fire is present, “clearly visible” is to be interpreted as clearly visible in the storage area of the stand. Directly accessible to all the personnel of the stand in question. Fire extinguishers are checked annually by an authorised person/specialised company. The (visible) positioning of the fire extinguisher in the storeroom may only be done if there is NO fire (candles, stoves, etc) present on the stand. ALL people present from the stands should be given clear instructions regarding the position and use of the fire extinguishers on the stand, so that in case of an emergency they can directly use the extinguishers if necessary


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